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Business informations:

 Nilsen dmc AS

Holstveita 14

7012 Trondheim


Phone: +47 90691394

Registration number Norway:  995 646 595

Bank NOK: 8601 30 82482

Bank €:  86014828496

IBAN:  NO7186014828496


WEB: www.nilsendmc.no

Business was fine and prosperous. Eventually we decided to be more generic and less dependent of key personel  joining with other actors in Prague founding Prague Incoming Agency s.r.o.

Our experience brought us even further to include Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow, Gdansk, Ljuljana and later the Alp region and Barcelona managed by our mother company Nilsen dmc AS in Norway.

We have build up a extensive network in the travel industry in general. With experienced professionals in the travel industy in Norway we launched in 2014 a new MICE/DMC company for all Norway: Norway Welcome AS. Unfortunately this company did not survive the Covid 19 and was shut down in 2020.

Now the focus is on domestic and international coordination and funding. 

Prague Incoming Agency s.r.o.

Zelená 945/3 160 00 Praha 6 - Bubeneč

Czech Republic

IČ: 24812005  DIČ: CZ24812005

Zápis v OR u Městského soudu v Praze:

oddíl C, vložka 176514


Číslo účtu: 2300628720/2010

Fio Banka, V Celnici 1028/10, 11721

Praha 1, Czech Republic

IBAN: CZ6520100000002300628720


Norway Welcome AS

Munkedamsveien 68

0270 Oslo


Phone: +47 22128350

Fax: +47 22128355

Registration number Norway: 914 329 221

Bank NOK: 1503 52 36179

IBAN: NO57 1503 52 36179


WEB: www.norwaywelcome.no

Note: this company died of Covid 19...

Short history

We started in Prague in 1998 with Horizons s.r.o. doing incoming  from all over the world to Czech Republic. A great time gaining a lot of experience. The company had up to 12 employees and a considerable turnover.

However life is more than work. Especially too much work. We had  occasionally some very enjoyable groups from Norway. One of the owners in Horizons s.r.o. Andrea Schönwälderova (later Andrea Nilsen), joined forces with a native Norwegian Jostein Nilsen and started Nilsen dmc s.r.o. in Czech Republic and Nilsen dmc AS in Norway achieving status as preferred agent to Prague for the biggest Norwegian travel agency chains.  Focus was now to serve the Prague capital to Norwegian clientele.